Welcome to the New Blog!

Gracie Lange

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I hope all my old readers found my new home (all 2 of you).

At the moment I’m trying to figure out how I want this thing to look (and finish up on work and stuff).

But I do have some “hopes and dreams” for this blog. Call it a list of things I hope to do in the future.

Things I want to finish

The Nielsen Explanation

X-Men reviews (I’m adding the anime Wolverine to this)

Things I want to do

A month dedicated to figuring out what happened to the old nickelodeon stars (in honor of The 90’s are All That!)

A month dedicated to Sailor Moon!-In which I talk about Sailor Moon.(coming this fall actually because of the manga coming back to america!)

Weird merchandise- In which I post rants and jokes about weird merchandise I find for tv shows and movies

Discussions/rants about all of Tim Burton’s movies and such (Coming next year so I can add Dark Shadows, Abe Lincoln, and Frankenweenie)

Why Is This Popular?-In which I watch tv shows and movies and try to figure out why they’re popular (Examples: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time, Transformers…etc)

Trailer Analysis-This will still be me talking about new trailers but I want to expand this to analyzing different kinds of trailers and the trends they’re following.

Doppelganger!-This will be me watching tv shows and movies that all have similar stories/themes. (examples include comparisons of Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible etc etc)

Now in addition I’ll still be part of the Trapped In Film podcast with Brian and Jason. In fact be sure to check out Jason’s blog and my deviantart account if you’re bored!

Thanks again for finding my new home!


Coming Soon to a Wal-Mart Near You!

Gracie Lange

Well Comic-Con is this weekend and if you’re lucky and can go not only will you be able to walk around IN SOUTH PARK but you can also get your own bag of Cheesy Poofs!

No word yet on the Chocolate Salty Balls though.

But that’s not all, you can also get the Poofs at your local Wal-Mart soon!

God doesn’t everyone love irony?

The Dark Knight (teaser) Rises

Gracie Lange

Not gonna give an actual post today folks. I’m still recovering from last nights Breaking Bad and on top of that I’m still crying from Harry Potter.

But I do have a teaser trailer to show

(p.s. Dear theater I went to see Harry Potter at,

It would have been nice to see this teaser before Harry like how the internet promised. I understand that you’re trying to keep the tickets cheap and have to carefully choose which trailers and such, but I think more people are looking forward to Dark Knight Rises than Three Musketeers.


All Was Well

Gracie Lange

Well today’s the day. The day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 opens. I’m all ready to see the movie today with my friends (I even re-read the second half of the book and I’m thinking of dressing like Bellatrix LeStrange).

should be easy

But as I enter the theater today I will have a little bit of melancholy with me (and 20 boxes of tissues). I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was little. Heck I remember when I first heard about Harry.

I was in the 4th grade and my teacher subscribed the class to Scholastic Magazine and the first issue had Harry Potter on the cover and had an excerpt from Sorcerer’s Stone inside. My teacher decided to do this thing with the students that had them all read a paragraph of the 5 page preview, most of the students couldn’t read well so I ignored them and read the excerpt to myself. I loved what I read so much that by the time they came to me to read my measly little paragraph I have already read the 5 pages twice.

The next thing I remember is me running into my house yelling to my mother “MOMMY MOMMY I WANT HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE FOR  CHRISTMAS!” And sure enough I got the book for Christmas (in fact I found out that I was getting it for Christmas around November because my Auntie didn’t know how to hide things properly) and loved reading every page of it.

Now let me be clear, I’ve always loved to read books.

In fact, prior to Harry, I was a huge Nancy Drew fan

In fact my fandom of Harry demanded me to get the books THE VERY DAY they came out (sadly I never went to any midnight releases), and I was able to speed through the books and finish them that night.

above: Me the day after a Harry Potter book was released.

I loved J.K.’s writing style and the characters she created. In the early books I found myself identifying with Hermione Granger because she was smart and loved to read.

we also had the same hair

As the series progressed I found myself identifying with Luna Lovegood and her “weird-ness”.

Ok Harry I know Luna’s a little Loony but at least she has more personality than Ginny.

I know this has been said a million times but I feel like I grew up with Harry Potter. Sure I didn’t know magic (would have helped a lot) and I know that Harry’s life was harder than mine but the way J.K. wrote these adventures made me feel like I was there with him along the way.

and if I really was I would have slapped Harry for this.

Another thing that I loved about Harry that (at the time the books were coming out) it was one of the few things my mother and I could agree about. See my mother decided to read the books after hearing about the Catholics calling it evil because of magic.

Sorry that video is an hour long the other one I watched a couple months ago is gone.

Anyway when my mother heard of the controversy and decided to read the books herself. She LOVED them and was able to convince my grandfather (who’s so catholic he reads bible verses at his church services whenever he can) to read and like them.

The movies (no matter how un-faithful they were, a fact that I now can fully accept) also introduced me to some of my favorite British actors of today. While some were introduced to Alan Rickman through Die Hard and Robin Hood, I knew him through Serverus Snape and how he almost sings his first line in Sorcerer’s Stone.

The same goes for all of the adult characters in Harry Potter, only a few I had heard of prior to their appearances in Harry.

and part of me will always wonder this; If the movies had included the trickster ghost Peeves, would they have gotten Sacha Baron Cohen to play him? Cause if so that would have been awesome.

You could call this a good-bye to Harry but I don’t think I ever will say good-bye to Harry. Sure the books are done and now so are the movies, but now we have Pottermore and hopefully J.K. Rowling will write another series that enchants me just as much as Harry did. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll have kids and if I do I definitely will read them the Harry Potter books and show them the movies.

and I’ll definitely name my kids better than Harry and Ginny ever would.

Happy 4th

Gracie Lange

Hey everyone, just want you all to know that there won’t be any posts this week. As for my Wolverine and the X-Men review I promised, well I’m still not done watching the show (kinda hard to when buffering takes forever on my computer and the website I’m watching it on is shit and on top of that my family is home and I still can’t find a good excuse to watch cartoons around them). So I’ll try to get that review within the next month.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

The REAL Reason People Went to See Cars 2

Gracie Lange

So this past weekend Cars 2 opened to terrible reviews. But that didn’t stop it from being number 1 at the box office with $68 million (although that’s rather small for a Pixar opening).

I just can’t believe people went to the theater to watch this:

I mean humanity can’t be THAT stupid so I can only think of two reasons why people went to see Cars 2.

1. The Short Film with the Toy Story Gang

2. The Trailer for Brave

Dear Lord the Brave trailer looks beautiful. It doesn’t show much plot with is good for a teaser trailer. And there’s also a poster out.

Look at the stone between the V and the E. I think I see eyes.

Damn, why are all the good movies coming out next year, this year sucks.

The New and Not So Improved Harley Quinn

Gracie Lange

Ok so I think everyone is familiar with the DC reboot right? The idea is starting this fall all the DC comics are going back to number 1 and they’re starting all over again. In addition they’re releasing them digitally for e-books. That sounds like a good idea and all….but DC is executing this idea stupidly.

–Superman’s marriage to Lois is now no more

When asked for a comment Mephisto said: “Hey I’m a Marvel character, I have nothing to do with whatever DC is doing!”

–Speaking of Superman, he now looks like this

–And Barbara Gordon’s spine injury is now all healed (I am serious on this one, they want Barbara back as Batgirl but they still want to “honor” Killing Joke)

There’s a lot more I can talk about (especially with how confusing Batman is now) but I really want to talk about the new Harley Quinn outfit that I posted above. See they’re also bringing back the Suicide Squad with this re-launch and Harley is now part of the Suicide Squad.

Now everyone knows the original Harley outfit;

How do you go from that to THIS!?!?!? She looks horrible! Do I have to blame the Arkham games? I really don’t want to cause I like the Arkham games.

But the Arkham outfits make sense and looks flattering on Harley, the Suicide Squad outfit is just plain trashy (I can’t think she’d be good in combat, she’d have to stop and fix the corset every couple of seconds!)

Gugh and that hair! Should I blame the Batman Stage Show on that one?

Ok so maybe no one is to blame on this except the stupid people at DC thinking they’re “hip” and “cool” with all their re-designs. I just hope they have an escape plan if the re-boot doesn’t work out the way they hope.